About Us

“Caring for seniors is a labor of love and requires a special person”

Dedicated Care Placement will act as a liaison between our client and the facility that best meets your care and housing needs. We have a caring and compassionate team that will assist and guide them to the best senior housing solution for their needs.

Here in Dedicated Care Placement, we :

  • Offer FREE Senior Living Placement Services
  • Set up appointments for tours of prospective facilities
  • Thoroughly conduct screening processes of facilities
  • Assist with all necessary paperwork and negotiate on your behalf

Our focus is to be a key resource for families in locating the best senior care and living options, allowing them to have more family time together.

Our Values

We foster a collaborative and supportive environment that values teamwork, communication, and collaboration, and promotes a sense of belonging and community among seniors and staff. We embrace new technologies, evidence-based practices, and innovative approaches to senior care placement, and continuously seek to improve our services and outcomes.


Ethical and moral values that guide the process of finding the best living arrangement for seniors. It involves being honest, transparent, and acting in the best interest of the seniors and their families.


It involves recognizing and responding to seniors’ emotional, physical, and spiritual needs, and providing comfort and reassurance.


The recognition of seniors’ inherent worth and dignity as human beings, regardless of their age, physical condition, or cognitive abilities. It involves treating seniors with kindness, consideration, and courtesy, and honoring their rights, preferences, and decisions.


Consistent delivery of high-quality care and support that meets or exceeds seniors’ expectations and industry standards.


To empower seniors with personalized care options that promote safety, comfort, and well-being, while providing peace of mind to their families.


 To lead exceptional care placement services for seniors with trust, innovation, and excellence.
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