California Department of Aging
Provides resources and programs that serve the older adult.

California Department of Insurance
Provides information regarding making decisions about insurance.

Long Term Care
Provides basic information of long-term care such as cost, options

Basic information about family caregiving and local resources.

​Benefits Check Up
Assist seniors connect with programs they may be eligible for.

​Alzheimer’s Association
Resources for individuals, families, and caregivers who are navigating Alzheimer’s

Living Options

Assisted Living Facility

A place for older people who can live quite independently but still needs a little assistance with their everyday activity such as bathing, preparing and eating meals, and dressing.

Senior Independent Communities

A home for seniors that offers a variety of amenities and services that solely make life easier than living alone. From housekeeping to meal preparation and home maintenance, life in independent living is untroubled and relaxed.

Memory Care Homes

A location for elders with conditions like Dementia and Alzheimers, a Memory Care Specialist will take care of and give personalized support to seniors who suffer under these conditions. People who require a higher level of support that makes it unsafe to remain at home may find that memory care is their best long-term care option.

Residential Care Homes

These are small private facilities or homes for elders, mostly with 10 or fewer residents. Usually, rooms may be shared or private, depending on the preference of the client. Residents who stay here receive personal care and meals, and caregivers assist residents 24/7, depending on what care the client needs. Nursing and medical care usually are not provided on-site.

Nursing Home

A residential facility with a high level of personal or nursing care for old age and elders with chronic illnesses who cannot take care of themselves suitably.

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